Remington 870 Shotgun Forearms

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The forearm of a firearm is the portion between the receiver and the muzzle. The forearm is sued to steady the weapon. Shotgun Forearms are usually made out of wood or fiberglass or composite materials. A barrel band near the front of the forearm secures it onto the barrel. Many forearms also have heat shields to block burns from the barrel.

Shotgun forearms and grips often get taken for granted but they play a vital role in firearm operation. They are the controlling areas of the firearm and they help or harm the ability to aim and shoot the shotgun accurately. There are many types of forearms, so it's good to have a handle on the different features and aspects of various forearms and grips you can add to your new Remington 870 shotgun.

Ideally, the grip should work in conjunction with the forearm to bring both hands to the same level plane and help supplement hand-eye coordination. A straight-gripped side-by-side double shotgun with a splinter foreend is a good example for illustrating the importance of grips and foreends. The lead hand in this case would hold the barrels which would create a straight line back through the grip and the trigger hand. If the gun was fitted with a beavertail foreend, then the lead hand would shift to a lower plane compared to the bore axis and the ideal hand positioning would be ruined.

A properly proportioned full pistol grip would be a better addition. With one of these added, the shooting hand would ride lower in relation to the centerline of the bore. The 2 hands would now be proper relationship and hand-eye coordination would be restored, making the hunting shot easier.

There are cases where this doesn't always work the same way. There are many older doubleguns fitted with splinter foreends and full pistol grips. When the foreend circles the mag tube, like it does with autoloaders and pumpguns, then the lead hand must be positioned lower. To offset this most autoloaders and pump shotguns like the 870 are equipped with full pistol grips in order to lower the rear hand to the proper plane.

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